ISA Activities

To achieve the objectives of ISA, by way of supplementing the national efforts of the member countries, through appropriate means will undertake following activities:

  • Collaborations for joint research, development and demonstration, sharing information and knowledge, capacity building, supporting technology hubs and creating networks.
  • Acquisition, diffusion and indigenization and absorption of knowledge, technology and skills by local stakeholders in the member countries.
  • Creation of expert groups for development of common standards, test, monitoring and verification protocols.
  • Creation of partnerships among country specific technology centres for supporting technology absorption for promoting energy security and energy access.
  • Exchange of officials/ technology specialists for participation in the training programmes on different aspects of solar energy in the member countries.
  • Encourage companies in the member countries to set up joint ventures.
  • Sharing of solar energy development experiences, analysis on short- and longer-term issues in key energy supply, financing practices, business models particularly for decentralized applications and off-grid applications, including creation of local platforms focusing on implementation solutions and grass root participation.
  • Establish new financial mechanisms to reduce cost of capital in the renewable energy sector and innovative financing to develop.
  • Collaborate with other multilateral bodies like International Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA), Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership(REEEP), International Energy Agency (IEA), Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN), United Nations bodies; bilateral organizations; Corporates, industry, and other stakeholders can contribute towards the goal of increasing utilization of solar energy in ISA member countries.