Multilateral bodies like IRENA, REEEP, IEA, REN21, UN bodies; bilateral organizations; corporates, industry, and other stakeholders will be encouraged to contribute towards the goal of increasing utilization of solar energy in ISA member countries.

To achieve the goals and objectives, and subject to mutual deliberations, following action points have been identified as short term priorities, to be taken up by ISA:-

  • Assisting member countries in drafting solar policies.
  • E-Portal to offer 24/7 real time suggestions for solar projects.
  • Creation of expert groups for development of common standards, test, monitoring and verification protocols.
  • Work with ISA member countries to strive for universal access to solar lighting;
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports and sharing of best-practices and successful case studies;
  • Exchange best practices and work with member countries in designing financing instruments to mitigate risk and catalyse partnerships to boost investment;
  • Share perspectives on developing electricity systems;
  • Development of standards, specifications and test protocols for solar energy systems;
  • Generate and diffuse key learning on new technologies;
  • Encourage collaboration in solar resource mapping in member countries and in deployment of suitable technologies;
  • Facilitate preparation of plans for solar energy development and deployment;
  • Encourage industry cooperation among ISA member countries;
  • Forge cooperative linkages on development of Centre of Excellence for R&D in ISA member countries; and
  • Designing training programs for students/engineers/ policy makers, etc. and organizing workshops, focused meetings and conferences.