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Prior to joining ISA, Dr. Mathur was Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).  At TERI, he has spearheaded the move to accelerate action towards a low-carbon and cleaner economy through the promotion and adoption of renewable energy and green hydrogen in the Indian electricity sector, enhancing efficiency in buildings and industry, and promoting environmental quality through institutional and policy measures to enhance air quality across the country, adoption of resource efficiency and waste recycling measures, and biotechnology-based solutions, especially for agricultural and industrial environment improvement. 

He was co-chair of  the global Energy Transitions Commission;  and of the Clean Cooling Initiatives of the One Planet Summit.

He earlier headed the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and was responsible for its foundational programmes which mainstreamed energy efficiency through initiatives such as the Star Labeling programme for appliances, the Energy Conservation Building Code, and the Perform, Achieve & Trade programme for energy-intensive industries. He was a leading climate change negotiator, and was the Indian spokesperson at the Paris climate negotiations. He served as the interim Director of the Green Climate Fund during its foundational period.

Education & Training

Dr. Mathur received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the (then) University of Roorkee, and Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois.  He has also received the Distinguished Alumnus Awards from both his alma maters.


He was appointed a Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Merite by the President of France in recognition of his outstanding commitment to the preservation of the environment and coping with energy-related challenges.