About ISA Awards

The International Solar Alliance Awards were instituted and endowed in 2019 by the ISA Secretariat in collaboration with the Awards Partners. The 2nd Assembly of the International Solar Alliance accepted the awards proposal by the Secretariat. The ISA Awards are established to honour the exemplary work of individuals, scientists, nodal agencies and organizations in the field of solar technology in ISA member countries. The ISA awards will recognize and  reward the most innovative, scalable and replicable works accomplished in the field of solar energy, that have led  to solutions and approaches with a potential to move the world towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. 


a. Who can apply for the ISA awards?

Any individual, scientist, researcher, engineer, technologist,  nodal agency in ISA member countries, working and contributing to the solar energy field, who are eligible as per the criteria can apply for these awards. 

b. Why should you apply?

The winner will receive a wide range of benefits in the form of global recognition, including financial reward; attendance during the 3rd Assembly of the ISA; public relations support; marketing materials, a promotional video; a dedicated column about your project on ISA website; mention in ISA Annual Report.

c. What are the basic eligibility criteria?

Eligibility Criteria

d. Is there any fee to apply for the awards?

No. There is no application or processing fees for filing your nomination.

e. How many submissions can be made for the same individual or organization?

The applicant can submit application for more than one award category. 

f. How do I apply?

The applicant can complete the application forms available here on the ISA website. The application form can be found 


g. What formats should the attachments be in?

The application form requires you to upload documents listed under each category,   


As proof of your work and achievements. All attachments should be shared in a PDF format only. 

h. Can I reapply to any award category if I applied last year?

Yes, you are eligible to apply two consecutive years in a row. The assessment for the awards will be based on the projects which have been developed / implemented from 1st of January to 31st of December in the previous year.

i. How will my application be judged?

Application will be judged in two-steps.

Step 1: The applications will be screened by the screening committee appointed by DG.

Step 2: The shortlisted applications submitted by the Screening Committee will be assessed by the International Awards Committee.

j. Can I submit the application in other languages?

The application form is available in English language. 

k. Do these Awards have a financial component? 

Yes, every award has a monetary reward.

a. ISA Diwakar Solar Award – INR 100,000

b. ISA Kalpana Chawla Haryana Solar Award – INR 4,851,000

c. ISA Karnataka Visvesvaraya Solar Award – INR 3,600,000 (will be equally divided as per ISA’s 4 regional divisions – APAC, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Europe and others)

l. How will I receive the award certificate, trophy and the reward money?

The award certificate and trophy will be sent to the applicants’ postal address shared in the application form.

The award money will be transferred online.