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    The International Solar Alliance gives you a unique opportunity to work in a throbbing work environment where you will be encouraged to participate in developing the young organization in a dynamic, multicultural way. You will be contributing towards collectively addressing the key common challenges to the scaling up of solar energy in line with member country's needs. ISA welcomes applications from nationals of all countries and strongly encourages women to apply.

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    Vacancy announcements for both staff and non-staff positions with the International Solar Alliance will be advertised on the ISA website portal and will provide appropriate links to the online application system

    International Staff

    Internationally recruited Professional staff

    Staff members in this categories are normally internationally recruited and primarily nationals of one of the ISA member countries. Internationally recruited staff under this category are required to have advanced degrees and they serve in either supervisory, programmatic or technical posts and are required to perform analytical, conceptual functions and may also be required to engage in negotiations, communications and/or have substantive expertise and/or managerial and leadership ability. Remuneration is based on internationally established salaries and benefits (as established by the International Civil Service Commission)

    Locally recruited staff

    Locally recruited staff

    ISA will also recruit staff locally within the duty station who are nationals of the host country and normally recruitment is for individuals who reside within commuting distance of the HQ. These individuals may be recruited for positions at either the National Officer Level(NO) or General Service (GS) level.

    National Officer positions are considered professional level and require university degrees like the international professional staff and may be assigned similar functions.

    General Services positions consist of primarily support and administrative functions. The positions may be in support of administrative processing functions, but also the more senior GS positions may be technical in nature and may also include some supervision of more junior staff.

    Remuneration for the National Officer and General Services categories are separate established and are based on the an average of the best prevailing comparable wages in the local area.


    ISA engages experts as consultants to work on short-term projects or assignments. Consultants are normally engaged in an advisory or consultative capacity to provide specialized skills or knowledge. They may also be engaged to conduct seminars or training courses, preparing documents for conferences and meetings, or writing reports on matters within their area of expertise. Consultants are normally recruited when the organization has specific requirements which cannot be performed by existing ISA staff. Opportunities for consultant will generally be advertised on the ISA Portal.

    Internship program

    Internship opportunities will be advertised and will be open to both undergraduate students in their final year of studies and graduate students wishing to enhance their educational experience and gain experience in the work of the ISA. Internships will normally be for short term periods as agreed by ISA and the selected intern.

    Individual contractors

    Individuals employed as individual contractors may be engaged to perform staff-like work, such as translation, editing or part-time support and maintenance. They may also be recruited during heavy workload periods for the organization to supplement existing staff.