Applicable Procedure
Application procedure for the award

Step 1: Announcement & registration on

Online registration and filling up of registration forms by the eligible interested participants

Step 2: Preliminary evaluation

The initial validation will be carried out by the respective National Focal Points (NFPs). Based on the evaluation of information provided in the registration forms, shortlisting of the entries will be done by the Knowledge and Awards Partner in consultation with an Expert Group (the Awards Committee) at the ISA HQn

Step 3: Filling up of detailed participation forms

Shortlisted participants would be required to fill up participation form online providing detailed information about their achievements along with the relevant documentary proofs

Step 4: Detailed evaluation

Evaluation of detailed information provided in the participation forms will be done in consultation with the Awards Committee and the respective National Focal Points (NFPs)

Step 5: Presentation by selected participants

Selected participants will be required to make a presentation on their achievements to the Awards Committee

Step 6: Final recommendation

Based on the evaluations so far, a recommended list of the shortlisted nominations will be submitted to the International Selection Committee constituted by the Director General of ISA

Step 7: Announcement of awards

The International Selection Committee, after its deliberations will announce the names of the awardees

Step 8 : The awards presentation function

The award shall be presented the Chief Minister of the State in a ceremony held on an international solar event hosted by ISA