The International Solar Alliance is proud to announce the inaugural CEO Caucus. This platform unites global leaders in clean technology, solar manufacturing, renewable energy, and major conglomerates committed to achieving net-zero emissions.

Our Mission

To address the industry's shared challenges, foster meaningful private sector engagement with key policymakers, and develop actionable solutions to accelerate the global adoption of solar energy.

Our Goals

Expanding the global footprint of solar manufacturing:

Addressing supply chain concentration and environmental concerns through targeted strategies and support measures.

Unlocking capital to propel solar manufacturing led growth:

Seeking innovative financing solutions to overcome global solar supply chain challenges and drive manufacturing growth.

Fostering technological innovations:

Democratizing advanced solar technologies and overcoming equipment bottlenecks in emerging markets through collaboration.

Applications oriented demand generation:

Promoting guaranteed demand initiatives and cross-sector partnerships to drive demand and boost solar manufacturing capacity.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future powered by solar energy.

Private Sector Roundtable Discussion: Brussels

Empowering Europe’s Solar Future: A Roadmap to Diversify, Innovate and, Sustain’

The ISA will host an exclusive roundtable on June 13, 2024, in Brussels. This session will bring together European business leaders working in clean technologies, solar manufacturing, renewable energy, and global conglomerates with net-zero initiatives to discuss strengthening supply chains, interlinking R&D, and enhancing solar manufacturing in Europe. The roundtable aims to promote collaboration, self-sufficiency, and competitiveness in Europe's solar industry.

Private Sector Roundtable Discussion:

Addressing Bottlenecks for Building the Solar Energy Sector in LDCs.

The inaugural CEO Caucus meeting, hosted virtually by the International Solar Alliance on June 6, 2024, will convene leading CEOs to establish the agenda for future discussions. This initial roundtable aims to identify challenges and opportunities, fostering collaboration to advance global solar industry growth through innovation in manufacturing, investment, and technology.

Connect with us to be a part of the community and advance solar industry growth:


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