This initiative is dedicated to capacity building, and follows the success of its Africa edition. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is a pivotal player in shaping a sustainable and low-carbon future for the world. The SolarX Startup Challenge is open for participation for all startups, entrepreneurs, innovators in the solar sector. From the submissions, 20 promising startups will be selected as the winners of the challenge and will be granted USD 15,000 in cash.

The APAC edition is generously supported by
the Sequoia Climate Foundation.

The winners in the SolarX Startup Challenge will not only gain financial backing but also benefit from a robust acceleration program and receive mentorship from seasoned professionals. Successful entrepreneurs will find avenues to engage with potential investors and opportunities to explore diverse markets across the Asia-Pacific region. Centered on nurturing scalable business models and expediting global energy transitions, the SolarX Startup Challenge encapsulates our shared commitment to unlocking the vast potential for solar deployment.

Three-fold Benefits to the APAC Region
  • 1

    Promotion of the Solar Energy Sector:Elevate the solar energy sector by supporting and promoting transformative solutions.

  • 2

    Thinning the Energy Crisis Gap in Asia-Pacific:Address the energy crisis gap in remote and underserved areas, ensuring greater energy accessibility.

  • 3

    Promotion of a Strong Startup Ecosystem in Asia Pacific:Cultivate a robust startup ecosystem by encouraging entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth.

  • 1

    Operation Duration:Must have operated for a maximum of 10 years, calculated from the

  • 2

    Revenue:Participants must demonstrate a consistent generation of monthly revenue from their operations.

  • 3

    Innovation:Must showcase a minimum viable product and/or service explicitly related to innovation.

Ready to shape the future of solar energy in the Asia-Pacific region?