The Assembly

The Assembly is the apex decision-making body of the International Solar Alliance (ISA). The Assembly on which each ISA Member country is represented, makes decisions concerning the implementation of the ISA’s Framework Agreement and coordinated actions to be taken to achieve its objective. The Assembly meets annually at the Ministerial level at the seat of the ISA.

The Assembly assesses the aggregate effect of the Programmes and other activities under the ISA, in terms of deployment of solar energy, performance, reliability, as well as cost and scale of finance. Based on this assessment, Member countries take all necessary decisions regarding the further implementation of the objective of the ISA. The Assembly makes all necessary decisions regarding the functioning of the ISA, including the selection of the Director General and approval of the operating budget. Each Member country has one vote in the Assembly. Observers and Partner organizations may participate without having the right to vote.

Fourth Assembly of the ISA

The Fourth Session of the ISA Assembly is scheduled to be held on October 20th, 2021, in virtual mode from 1430 HRS(IST)/0900 HRS(GMT). The ISA Secretariat has planned a series of technical sessions on various strategic initiatives of the ISA on October 18th, 2021, and technical sessions on various emergent issues in the solar and clean energy sector in partnership with our partner and other organizations on October 21st, 2021. The technical sessions would feature in-depth expert deliberations on various thematic issues to help the ISA Secretariat refine its programmatic focus moving forward.

The Fourth Assembly of the ISA will be deliberating upon the Strategic Plan of the ISA for the next five years encompassing a Country Partnership Framework, Strategy for Private Sector Engagement, initiatives such as Blended Finance Risk Mitigation Facility and Viability Gap Financing scheme to facilitate affordable finance for solar energy projects across ISA’s Membership. The Assembly will also feature an update on various key initiatives of the ISA such as the ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ initiative, the STARC project, the Trillion Dollars Solar Investment Roadmap for 2030, and progress made by the ISA over the past year. The Agenda for the Fourth Assembly represents a holistic vision for the ISA that would enable our members and the Secretariat in the coming years to translate our solar energy ambitions into action.

The ISA Secretariat requests prospective delegates from ISA Member Countries, Signatory Countries, Prospective Member Countries, Corporate Partner Organisations, Partner Organisations, and Special Invitee Organisations to kindly register under the relevant category for the Fourth Assembly of the ISA at The ISA Secretariat also requests the prospective delegates to indicate their preference for attending any or all of the side-events at the Fourth Assembly while registering for the Fourth Assembly. Participation in side-events is optional.

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ISA-led Sessions 18 October 2021

Session on Private Sector Engagement Strategy
Click here to view
Session on ISA Knowledge Platform and Capacity building Click here to view Technical Session on One Sun One World One Grid Click here to view Technical Session on Mobilisation of Trillion dollars in Solar Investments by 2030 and Blended
Finance Facility for Solar Enterprises in Africa Click here to view
Signing of grant agreements for Demonstration Projects in LDC/SIDS Countries Click here to view

Joint Sessions with ISA Partners and Other Organisations 21 October 2021

Session on Role of and Opportunities for Women in Energy Transition Click here to view Session on New Generation Technologies- Solar for Hydrogen Click here to view Session on 1 million Solar Water Pumping Systems in ISA countries Click here to view Technical Session on Solar Parks in ISA Countries Click here to view Session on IBSA Technical Assistance for Solar Water Pumping projects Click here to view