About Sixth Assembly of the ISA

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an action-oriented, member-driven, collaborative platform for increased deployment of solar energy technologies as a means for bringing energy access, ensuring energy security, and driving energy transition in its Member Countries. At present, 116 countries are signatories to the ISA Framework Agreement, of which 94 countries have submitted the necessary instruments of ratification to become full members of the ISA.

  • The governance bodies of the ISA, namely the Assembly, the Standing Committee, and the Regional Committees, offer an integrated approach to governance and decision-making within the Alliance. The 2023 Governance Meetings of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) were initiated in June of this year.
  • The Regional Committees comprise deliberations across the four regions of Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe & Others, and Latin America-Caribbean. Regional Committees of the ISA meet annually, chaired by two Vice-Presidents from the region, and aim to assess and discuss progress, challenges, and opportunities related to ISA’s programmatic support, flagship initiatives, partnerships, private sector engagements, and work plan for the region.
  • The discussions of the Regional Committee Meetings inform the deliberations of the Standing Committee, which comprises the Hon’ble President, Co-President, and 8 regional Vice-Presidents. The deliberations by the Standing Committee, in turn, inform the deliberations of the Assembly, which is the apex decision-making body of the ISA.
  • The Assembly deliberates on critical matters such as organisational objectives; operational procedures; budget approvals; evaluation of the execution of diverse ISA programmes, initiatives and activities; and other issues pertaining to the functioning of ISA. So far, five Regular Sessions and one Special Session of the Assembly have been convened.
  • The Sixth Assembly of the ISA was held in New Delhi, India, from 30 October to 2 November, 2023.
  • These Meetings extend the ISA Secretariat the opportunity to enhance cooperation with ISA Member Countries, as well as provide Member Countries with the ability to improve collaboration among themselves and mutually identify avenues of cooperation and partnership.
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