Scaling Solar Mini-grids

Scaling Solar Mini-grids


ISA’s third programme, Scaling Solar Mini Grid, was launched on 24th May, 2017 during 52nd Meeting of the African Development bank group at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The objective of the program is to cater to the energy needs of ISA member states in identified areas with unreliable or no grid(s), and in island member states having abundant potential to tap solar energy.

The key focus areas of the programme are:

  • Demand Aggregation
  • Policy and RegulatorySupport
  • Technical assistance to member countries
  • Development of bankable projects
  • Facilitation of affordable finance

Key Developments:

  • The ISA organized its first field visit of diplomatic missions based in India on 26th December 2018, which was participated by 36 member countries. The delegation visited two PV Mini-grid plants both operated by OMC Power and supported by the “Smart Power Rural Development” Programme of Rockfeller Foundation. The delegation also visited petrol pump, e-government kiosk, fully solar operated bank – run on solar mini-grid system.
  • The ISA secretariat has drafted and circulated a Model Mini-Grid Policy to National Focal Points after due approval.
  • Aggregated demand for 236 Solar Mini-Grids with a cumulative capacity of 82.5 MW across 9 ISA member countries.
  • Prepared report on mapping of Solar Mini Grids Market Opportunity and implementation Modalities for 5 countries in Africa (Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia)
  • Prepared eight business models for implementation of solar mini grid projects in ISA Countries
  • Prepared draft report on feasibility of mini-grids and mapping of mini-grid initiatives by donors in 8 member countries (Congo, Guyana, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tonga, Guinea Bissau, Zimbabwe)
  • Prepared 12 Country Energy Profiles (Cambodia, Cuba, Guyana, Jamaica, Malawi, Niger, Rwanda, Sudan, Togo, Tonga, Uganda and Venezuela)
  • Prepared draft report on overview of mini grid sector in Africa with specific focus on Ethiopia and Nigeria
  • Prepared draft report on strategic interventions on Solar Mini Grids sector in Africa
  • Prepared draft E-Handbook (version 1) for Solar Mini Grids