Scaling Solar E-Mobility & Storage

Solar for Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is an essential partner to solar electricity in enabling a carbon emissions free world. While solar electricity can enable the decarbonisation of electricity, and also help in the electrification of a large number of uses where fossil fuels are used today, green hydrogen is essential to meet the energy requirements in the non-electrifiable applications, such as in steel, cement, and petro-chemicals industries. The ISA programme would continuously assess the relative economics of green hydrogen production with the production of hydrogen from gas, as well as with blue hydrogen. The programme would also track the development of electrolysers (for the production of solar electricity by the splitting of water to produce green hydrogen) in terms of their size, costs, and conversion efficiencies. The utilization of green hydrogen in various applications (for example for the replacement of diesel and other petroleum fuels, in both small and large industry, andin transport) and in other potential applications (such as space cooling and heating) would also be assessed. The transportation of hydrogen, and in particular the use of novel materials for pipelines, would be assessed in order to estimate the viability of hydrogen transport, especially as compared to the transport of natural gas in pipelines. The programme would also identify, where needed, the use of fuel cells for the conversion of the hydrogen into electricity.