Scaling Solar Rooftop

Project Preparation Support

The ISA secretariat has been working with officials of Peru and Ghana to provide technical support for preparation of roof-top projects. The ISA – Peru Support Expert Group submitted a report on “Initiating Rooftop Solar PV in Iquitos, Peru” to Ministry of Energy & Mines, Peru on 7th January, 2019 followed by another Report on “Integrating Rooftop; Utility Scale PV & Mini-Grid” in Iquitos, Peru 7th February, 2019. Some key documents viz. National Solar Mission, State Rooftop Solar Policy and Regulations, Best Practices guide for programme implementation among others were also shared. For Ghana, “Ghana Rooftop Solar Initiative – Final Report” May, 2019 was prepared by ISA Expert group based on on-site verification and possibility of implementing 30 MWp rooftop solar under RESCO Model with key recommendations was submitted to Ministry of Energy, Ghana.

The ISA Secretariat has proposed Embassies/ Missions in India for Rooftop solar under RESCO Model and requested member countries for consent to install Rooftop solar in their premises in May, 2019 and followed it up with reminder in June, 2019. In response, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Sudan, Uganda & Zambia have given their consent.

The ISA also facilitated the installation/display of 2 kWp portable rooftop system with storage (Plug & Play type) developed by GIZ, at NISE Campus.

ISA Country Missions

The ISA secretariat, supported by PwC-a global advisory firm PwC, is preparing country assessment reports on scaling rooftop Solar for select Countries towards preparation for ISA Experts Team Visit (ISA Mission to African Countries). They have submitted Country wise preliminary reports, which could be supplemented with ISA Mission reports for preparation of pre-feasibility reports (PFRs). As part of ISA Mission, the Expert Team have visited (a) Uganda (b) Mali, Togo & Benin, Countries of Africa. A Aide Memoire was prepared to be signed by the National Focal Point of ISA Uganda, after due approval of the Government of Uganda as per their procedures. The minutes of meeting & visit report has been prepared for the countries visited.

Sharing of Best Practices and Business Models

“Best Practices Manual for implementation of state level Rooftop Solar PV Programme in India 2016” developed under USAID PACE-D TA Programme in co-operation with Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) was uplinked in June, 2019 on ISA Website and shared with NFPs to raise awareness, disseminate knowledge, share field learnings and provide key insights to accelerate solar rooftop deployment in Member Countries.

The ISA Secretariat also supported stakeholder’s discussion on Madhya Pradesh RESCO Tender of 25 MW Solar rooftop implementation for industries through live webcast in the proceedings. NFPs of ISA Member Countries have joined the live webcast. Earlier, a copy of draft RFP & Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) were shared with NFPs in advance for better understanding and interaction. There is a strong possibility for replicating such business model for Scaling Rooftop on industry.