Scaling Solar Rooftop


       ISA’s fourth programme on Scaling Rooftop (SRT), was launched during its founding ceremony in New Delhi, India on 11nd March 2018.


       Objective of programme- To facilitate, and pool resources for scaling up of Rooftop Solar (Off-Grid and Grid-Connected) in ISA member countries


       Targeted Users Segments for Solar Rooftop

       Government & Institutional Buildings

       Commercial & Industrial Buildings

       Residential premises


       Key activities

       Demand Aggregation

       Policy and Regulatory Support

       Development of Business Models

       Technical assistance to member countries

       Development of bankable projects

       Facilitation of affordable finance

Key Development:

• Prepared preliminary assessment of 16 ISA member Countries

• Prepared segment specific business models for implementation of solar rooftop in ISA Countries and identified case studies/ best practices across the globe

• 128 participants from 12 countries trained under capacity building initiatives on solar rooftop

• 1,105 MW demand aggregated for 13 countries so far

ISA’s offerings:

       Preparation of Pre-feasibility reports/ Detailed Project Reports

       Capacity building and training of stakeholders/ Webinars / Workshops for information dissemination

       Identification of Project sites

       Facilitation in Bid process for selection of EPC/ Developer (through PMC)

       Consultation with prospective developers and funding Institutions

       Facilitation in preparation of model PPA, Concession agreement, RFQ, RFP